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London, and its West London sub-region particularly, benchmarks against eight other global cities (defined by A T Kearney) as
the world's most connected place.

Our assessment integrates metrics analysing 'connectivity' through the lenses of: Cultural/ familial links/ mindset; Transport; Internet; and Ease of doing business.

Cultural and familial links to the world underpin a Global Citizenship attitude

London ranks #1 globally for diversity of languages spoken. 44% of West London residents were born outside the UK, well ahead of the London average of 37%, and providing phenomenal familial links across the world (London global ranking #2; Singapore #1).

London's food diversity is second only to New York. Of the 89 countries to be found in a tour of the city's restaurants, 37 can be found in West London. London citizens rank second only to Beijing for their global citizenship attitude.

Global airport connectivity

The OAG Megahubs International Index 2018 ranks Heathrow airport, West London, as the world's most connected airport.

In Summer 2018, the UK parliament voted by a huge majority to expand the airport with a third runway.

Sustainable urban mobility

With 49% of journies on public transport, London ranks second only to Hong Kong amongst global cities in The Deloitte City Mobility Index.

In West London Crossrail is already operational, our local authorities are working in close partnership to mobilise investment in a West London Orbital overground line, a Brentford-Southall Crossrail link, as well as Southern rail link in/out of Heathrow.

At Old Oak, designs are in planning for the UK's largest station built in 100 years where HS2 will connect with Crossrail.

Super charged international Internet bandwidth

The Global Connectivity Index ranks London #2 (Singapore #1) amongst global cities for International Internet Bandwidth. Many of these global links run through West London, also supported by highly specified Data Centres.

Our local authorities are working alongside the private sector to mobilise more investment in our fixed broadband and mobile connectivity.

An easy place to do business

The World Bank ranks the UK #2 globally for 'Electricity supply' and 'Trade across borders', #6 globally for 'enforcing contracts' and #3 globally for 'Starting a business'. 19,000 new businesses started in West London in 2017. In West London we support new businesses with a network of Incubators and Accelerators, backed by our universities including Brunel and Imperial College London.

London is home to 17 universities out of the top 200 universities for international students/graduates (World University Rankings 2018) making the city number one in our Global City benchmark.

In West London these high global rankings are why cgl, Interland Group, Fairview, Kier and Segro all choose to design, invest, build and own assets in the sub-region.

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